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Rechargeable Portable Electric Mosquito Swatter


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Electric mosquito zapper, Mosquito killer lamp, Bug zapper racket, mosquito trapping, Fly swatter, ideal for home, kitchen, indoor and outdoor


  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Grid Output Voltage : 3000V
  • Charging Time: Fully charged in about 3 hours


  1. In the mosquito trapping and killing mode, the metal mesh surface directly outputs high voltage. It is forbidden to extend your finger into the metal mesh racket, please keep away from kids and pets.
  2. Whether a mosquito (fly etc.) can be killed with a single blow depends on its size, and is also related to the area of it contacts with the mosquito killer lamp.
  3. About working time of the bug zapper, in the full charge state, you can use it as Electric mosquito zapper about a month, but if you use it as a Mosquito Killer Lamp, the power grid and purple light are in working state all the time, power consumption is very high, so the manufacturer suggest that you can use the Mosquito Killer Lamp mode in charging state, so that it can protect you all the night.
  4. If your bug zapper already in a totally discharge state, please turn off it firstly then charge it. Otherwise the bug zapper still in working state, it may be damaged by a strong current when you charge it directly, please notice.
  5. We can promise we will check it carefully before sending out the goods, but nobody can control the shipping, so if the fly swatter has any problem when you receive it, please do not worry, just contact the customer service to change a new one.


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